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Coolest Butterfly Ring I’ve Ever Seen!!

I have seen this video on Facebook about these wonderful Butterfly Rings and Flower Rings… the butterfly moves its wings and the flowers open when you bend your finger… how amazing it that???


I did some research on the Net and I haven’t found much. Probably the original rings cost hundreds of dollars, I only found one link on Ebay where they sell these butterfly rings.


They are not the same rings as the ones in the video but they are moving and there are different colours to choose from, so if you fell in love with them you can take a look here:

The Most Beautiful Cat Bag Ever! La Borsa Gatto Più Bella Di Tutte!!

Love cats?? Then a Cat Bag is a must for you!! I saw these bags on the Internet and I thought they are SOOOO beautiful, so I searched for a link to buy them and found this on Amazon UK. There are various models available with different cat breeds, so take a look at them, you are sure to find YOUR perfect cat bag! And it’s not even very expensive!! To buy it or check out the different models just follow the link provided!


Amate i gatti?? Allora una Gatto Borsa è un must!! Ho visto queste borse per la prima volta su Internet qualche mese fa e le adoro, quindi ho cercato un posto dove comprarle a prezzi decenti e ho trovato questo su  La borsa è disponibile con diverse razze di gatti, per cui se date un’occhiata sicuramente troverete quella perfetta per voi! E non costano nemmeno tanto! Per comprarle o dare un’occhiata seguite il link a fianco della foto!!


Book Review: Jackie Collins – The Santangelos

Jackie Collins is my favourite author ever and the kind of author I would like to be. I remember reading my first Jackie Collins novel when I was about 15 and it blew me away…since then no other author could be compared to Jackie. I was devastated to hear about her passing last year, to think there won’t be another Jackie Collins book is just too sad for me.
Her last book she wrote is The Santangelos… the definitive closing chapter of her most beloved character Lucky Santangelo. This is the 9th book about Lucky and sadly the last one. She is not my fave Jackie Collins character (Dallas and Al King from “Lovers And Gamblers” are my faves) but we all love Lucky. I think anyway even if this wasn’t the last Jackie Collins book, it should have been the last about Lucky as Jackie wrote more or less everything she could about Lucky.

The book is not anyway all about Lucky but it focuses also on her son Bobby and daughter Max. Bobby is framed up for murder just at the same time as his grandfather, the great Gino Santangelo is killed. I must admit for someone who has read all the books in the saga and has loved Gino The Ram, it was upsetting to say goodbye to one of Jackie’s coolest characters. I never really expected Gino to die peacefully in his sleep, so his murder is not totally unexpected, but it will leave all the fans screaming for vengeance, and this is what they’ll get. The story unfolds with Lucky having to clear Bobby’s name from the murder charges and trying to find out who is the bastard who ordered Gino’s murder and make sure he pays for it. In the meantime Bobby and Max face changes in their love life…Bobby breaks up with his girlfriend he was planning to marry as she doesn’t show full support for him when he’s set up, and Max is still in love with actor Billy Medina, the first guy she had sex with. Not enough, Max suffers a terrible accident that will threaten her life.
The book certainly doesn’t have any dull moment, it’s all filled with Jackie’s famous sex scenes, humour and twists. You’ll find yourself wanting to finish the book as soon as possible and I can promise you won’t be disappointed.
To me what makes a great book is easy: if it’s well written, while I’m reading I will see all the characters in my mind, just like I was watching a movie…and then I will end up dreaming about it if I’m very very into the story. This is what makes a great author in my opinion, and Jackie’s books always do this for me…I can see every scene in my mind and I won’t stop dreaming about it until the book is over!

Unfortunately the latest Jackie Collins books have not been released in Italy, I had to buy all of them in English…. I do love to read them in English as sometimes the translation is not perfect, but I think it’s a shame that the majority of the Italian fans can’t enjoy her latest books as they can’t read them in English. Plus I would like to add the Italian versions to my collection of Jackie books, so I hope some Italian editor will decide to release her latest books in Italian too.
By the way, if you love Jackie’s books you shouldn’t miss this one!!

The Santangelo Collection and the order in which you should read the books:
– Confessions Of A Wild Child – written only a couple of years ago but this is the diary of Lucky when she was a teenager, so either you read this before all the other books or right after Chances.
– Chances – first book about the Santangelo family where you read also Gino’s story.
– Lucky
– Lady Boss
– Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge
– Dangerous Kiss
– Drop Dead Beautiful
– Goddess Of Vengeance
– The Santangelos.

To buy this book and other Jackie Collins books follow these links:

Jackie Collins Books on Amazon

Regalo Originale Per Il Marito Che Ha Tutto!

Quanto è difficile trovare un regalo per un marito dopo un certo numero di anni?? A un certo punto hai comprato tutti i regali classici, il marito ormai ha di tutto!

Bene, ecco un regalo originale e divertente… tanto per ricordare al marito chi comanda e chi sa tutto – questa fantastica maglietta che dice: “Non ho bisogno di Google – Mia moglie sa tutto”!! Sicuramente farà ridere il marito (e i suoi amici!) per un bel pò di tempo!! E tu sorriderai, perchè sai che questa frase è una grande verità…la moglie sa tutto!!

Ho trovato dei link per ordinare questa maglietta sia da Amazon che da Ebay, in caso a qualcuna di voi l’idea sia piaciuta!!




Funny Gift For The Husband Who Has Everything!

Isn’t finding new gifts for your husband difficult after a number of years?? You’ve pretty much bought all you can, the damn man has everything!!

Well, this is a cool and funny gift…just to remember your husband who’s in charge and who knows everything – this cool t-shirt that says “I don’t need Google – My wife knows everything”!! This is guaranteed to make your husband (and his friends!) laugh for a long time!! You will be smiling because you know this statement is nothing but the truth… the wife DOES know everything!!

I have provided links for you to get the t-shirt from Amazon and Ebay, should you be interested in it!! I totally love this t-shirt!!




The 16 Coolest Cat Beds Ever!

Cat lovers, if your cat is the king / queen of the house like mine, you certainly want him / her to sleep in the most comfortable bed there is…but what if it was also the coolest one?? I searched the Web for some cool cat beds (however, they are also good for small dogs) and look what I’ve found!

What about this Hamburger Cat Bed?? Isn’t it adorable??

This Piggy Bed is for the girls!!


While this is a Car Bed made for a king!!!


Hello Kitty Bed for the cutest kitty!


More than a bed this is a Cat House, but add a cushion and it becomes a bed!!


This Strawberry is just super cute, don’t you think so??


Now this is a stylist house for a serious cat!!


This is definitely a bed made for a REAL QUEEN!!


Another Princess House!!!


This igloo is for UK lovers!!


And what about this Shark bed for your adventurous cat??


The Cat Cave, for the antisocial cat!!!


Hey, this is a Ferrari!!!


This one is just too stylish, for the classy kitty!!


And what about this Cat Paw bed??? I love it so much!! 2 colours available, for male and female cats!


And last but not least, another Shark bed!!


Come on, you know your cat deserves one of these beds, and most of all….the cat WANTS one of these beds!!!

22 Cat Dresses You Must Have If You Are A Cat Lover!

Cat Dresses, you’ll say?? Oh yes baby, they DO exist, and I’m not talking about dresses for cats, but dresses for you girls and women who are obsessed by cats just like I am!! If you are a cat lover you MUST own at least one of these dresses!!! Take a look at them and tell me you don’t love them!!! Personally I would buy them all but my favourites are probably number 21, 11, 4…and the number 2 skirts (there is more than one cat skirt available) are so lovely too!!
In case you’d like to buy a~y of those you can follow the links below the photos!!

  1. This lovely dress with the Japanese “good luck cat”

Ladies 50s Retro Vintage Novelty Manekinekos Japanese Lucky Cats Pleated Swing Pin Up Dress

2. There is more than 1 Cat Skirt at this link, check them all out!


Bettydom Ladies’ Floral Print Skirt High Waisted Ca|f-Length Dress S-XL

3.This retro green cat dress!


New Voodoo Vixen Green Katnis 50’s Rockabilly Vintage Style Cat Print Flare Dress

4. This witchy black cat dress!


Spiral – Women – BLACK CAT – Stud Waist Mini Dress Black

5. There is more than 1 cat dress available here, check them all!


Jiayiqi Womens Sleeveless High Waist Bodycon Full Print Mini Dress

6. What about this Egyptian style dress?


BlueVega Women’s Femme Sleeveless Cat Print Racerback Boho Long Maxi Evening Party Dress

7. A cute cat dress in pink!


Ladies 50s 60s Indie Hipster Vintage Retro Astro Atomic Cats Tea Party Dress

8. Blue cat dress, a bit more sober!


Lindy Bop ‘Audrey’ Midnight Blue Cat Print Swing Dress

9. This can be used as a dress or even worn with leggins


Ladies Short Sleeve Cat Head Patterned Asymmetric Hem Dress

10. This is one of my favourites, I love this colour!


MUXXN Women’s Retro 1950’s Cocktail Casual V-neck Lovely Printed Swing Party Dress

11. A touch of red!


eShakti Women’s Cutout back cat print dress

12. A magenta cat dress


Voodoo Vixen Magenta Cat Print 1950s Pinup Party Rockabilly Prom Dress Excellent Quality

13. Roaring Kitty dress!

Allegra K Women Round Neck Sleeveless Little Black Dresses with Cat Printed

14. Another retro model

Hell Bunny 50s Dress AMELIA Pink Kittens Cats Hearts ~ Blue All Sizes

15. Mini dress

Hell Bunny Kitty Blossom Cute Cats Mini Dress Black

16. Black retro dress

Hell Bunny 50s Amelia Kitten Heart Dress

17. Another pink dress, I love this model

Voodoo Vixen Vintage 50s Style Pink Kitsch Cat Print Prom Dress Excellent Quality

18. Same Magenta fabric, different model


19. Another light blue, different model!


20. My favourite!!

Heart of Haute Red Simone El Gato Retro/Rockabilly Cat Print Circle Dress XS-3XL

21. Sobriety is NOT our keyword here! We love cats!


22. And last but not least…grey cat dress!!


Hope you liked this shopping trip, I will have more unusual items to show you soon!!

gel unghie su ebay

Gel su ebay

Tested For You: Avon Gel Shine Nail Polish

Avon recently launched in Italy its new Gel Shine nail polish line: 20 colours plus one clear Top Coat. Some colours remained from the previous Gel Finish line but the formula has been improved and many new colours have been added.


Avon Gel Shine Colours

Let’s make this clear: these are NOT gels for nails, these are GEL EFFECT POLISHES, this means nail polishes that are very shiny, much more than the normal polishes, but still common nail polishes. These DO NOT dry in the Uv Lamp and you take them off with your polish remover. Many people think “gel effect” means that these are gels for nails but they are not. All polishes you find in a glass bottle with the brush are nail polishes, not gels!


Wine And Dine Me


Mint To Be


Emerald City

The colours range goes from a very light pink to a very dark grey. Personally I would have added a black (even if Charcoal Smoke is such a dark grey that can be mistaken for black), some more blue and violet shades, taking our maybe one of the beige shades, but of course this is my personal taste.
I personally love strong colours and my favourites in this line are definitely Fabolous (a shade between fuchsia and red), Mint To Be (not a strong colour but I love aqua colour) and most of all the most beautiful colour in this line for me is the Red Velvet, a dark metallic red, really fantastic! There are classic colours for the ladies like the classic red Roses Are Red, light colours for young girls or even little girls like all the pastel colours, and stronger colours like the Purplicious violet or the Sapphired Up blue. I think this line can satisfy all kind of clients!


Orange You Crazy


Left to right: Rain Washed, Emerald City, Mint To Be, Parfait Pink e Lavender Sky

The colour is strong already after the first coat but a second coat is always recommended to obtain exactly the shade of colour you see in the bottle and to improve lasting. On my hands I have gel reconstruction and almost every nail polish lasts long on gel nails but on feet it really lasts for a long time, even 2 weeks without croppings and without the Top Coat! Using the Top Coat it should last even longer. The colour is super shiny just like gel, so I’d say this nail polish passes every test!! With a promotional price in Italy at the moment of 2.95 Euro is a real deal I would highly recommend!